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Corporate Social Responsibility

Sustainability is the priority of Fahold Electronics

Adhering to the concept of "bringing green energy into life", taking the practice of corporate social responsibility as an important mission, adhering to the scientific concept of corporate social responsibility, and forming a complete social responsibility management system. Incorporate the guiding ideology of sustainable development into all aspects of the operation and management of the enterprise and combine it with daily business practices, operations and policies, and take low carbon, emission reduction, energy saving, and safety as the basic behaviors of the enterprise to achieve clean production, circular economy, Coordinated development in many aspects such as the ecological environment and the effective use of resources.

Sustainability Commitment

Fahold Electronics actively responds to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. While providing innovative products and services, it integrates the concept of sustainable development into corporate operations, builds a sustainable development management system, and adheres to the principles of ethical and compliant management.

Adhere to independent innovation Promote sustainable industrial development
Promote industrial value sharing with win-win cooperation, and integrate technological advantages to enable people to enjoy healthier, more efficient, healthier and safer products and services.
Insist on intensive and efficient the concept of sustainable development
Promote the efficient use of resources, reduce costs and resource consumption, insist on improving the quality of development, and continuously meet the needs of social civilization progress and innovative development.
Adhere to low-carbon environmental protection green development concept
Integrate the awareness of energy conservation and environmental protection into all aspects of company strategy, product technology, and business operations, develop green industries, and promote low-carbon social development.
Development strategy
Green environmental protection
Harmonious ecology
Innovation achievement

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