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Shenzhen Fahold Electronics Co.,Ltd.was established in 2010, a factory which integrating the LED Drivers design, R&D and manufacture, passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification. It covering an area of 5000 squre meters, existing staff of 180 workers which including 25 Researchers, 20 quality controls. The production capacity of Fahold are 5 million units per year. Products passed UL, TUV, SGS, SAA ,CB,CE,ROHS Ceritification. Products applicable to street light, industrial and mining light, linear light, tri-proof light, flood light , panel light and so on. Markets are in North America, Europe, Australia, South Korea and other countries. Quality first, Management...

Categories and Products

Commercial Lighting Led Driver

LED Panel Lights Driver

36w Constant Current LED Driver For Panel Lights LED Power Supplies, LED Transformer for Panel Lights 80W Led Panel Lights Dimmable Driver 5 Year Warranty 30w 700ma Constant Current Driver 600x600 Panel Light LED Driver Isolated LED Driver 50W 1.2A 277V Plastic Enclosure LED Driver 240Vac Led Panel Light Driver 40W Led Driver Constant Current PF 0.95 TUV 18W 42v 600ma LED panel light driver UL driver 30W 750ma 40v led panel light UL Panel lights Driver With 0-10v Dimming 52w Dimming LED Driver for LED panel lights High Efficiency 300mA Flicker Free LED Driver LED Panel Light 30W Driver Commercial Panel Light Solution Led Driver UL Listed Square Lights LED Driver High Efficiency Junction Box Square Lights Driver LED Lamps Driver for Commercial Industrial applications 

LED Downlights Driver

Downlights Dimming LED Driver 12W Triac Dimming Constant Current Led Driver 20W 600mA Led Downlights Driver Driving Lights Triac Dimming Led Driver Trailing Edge Dimming Single Voltage 12W LED Driver Led Driver 20W Triac Dimmable 500mA 30W 700mA Triac Dimming Led Downlights Driver 45W 1.1A Constant Current Dimmable LED Driver 20W 500mA Flicker Free Dimmable Led Driver 45W 0-10V Dimmable Led Driver for Downlights Flicker Free 60W 1.5A Led Driver Recessed Downlights Power Supply LED Driver LED Downlights 30W Power Supply LED Recessed Retrofit Downlight Driver 

LED Linear Lights Driver

30W 750mA Linear Light Led Driver 30W 750mA Slim Led Driver for Linear light 50W 1200mA Linear Lighting System Led Driver UL Listed 80W Long Shape Linear driver 60W Constant Voltage 12V Linear Light Driver 80W Slim led driver constant current 1.8A 12V Constant Voltage Linear Light Led Driver 24V Constant Voltage 60W UL Listed Led Driver 100W 12V Constant Voltage Strips Lights Led Driver 24V 100W Constant voltage Linear LED Driver TUV Linear 11500ma led linear light driver UL 30W PWM LED Linear Lights Driver 100W 12V Linear LED Light Driver 50W UL LED Linear Driver For Indoor Constant Voltage Driver For Strips linear light 20W 42V Tri-proof LED Light Driver TUV Linear Led Driver 100W Dimmable 24V Led Driver 80W Linear Led Driver Dimmable Led Driver Constant Voltage LED Driver 100W With DALI Dimmable LED CV 12V Linear Tape Lights Driver 

LED Street Lights Driver

160W Waterproof Street Lights Led Driver 24-38V Constant Current 4.2A Led Street Lights Driver Led Outdoor Landscape Lighting 160W Led Driver 100W Constant Current Waterproof LED Driver 2600mA 100W IP67 Constnat current LED Driver 100W Floodlights Led Driver 0-10V Dimming Power Supply 80W LED Street Light Driver IP67 lamp Surge Protection Device Led Street Lights Driver 2.1A 80W LED Driver for Street Light Poles Commercial Outdoor Lighting LED Driver 80W 2.2A 24V IP67 LED Driver Outdoor Driver IP67 outdoor led power driver/led power supply Waterproof Led Driver 80W 5years Warranty Flicker Free 24V Outdoor LED Lights Driver UL 80W Waterproof LED Light Driver IP67 Outdoor Lighting Driver 80W Flicker free 24V Street LED Lighting Waterproof Driver 36W 24V LED Driver Waterproof Led Supply Power IP67 0-10V Dimmable Waterproof LED Lighting Driver 80W UL 80W Dimmable LED Driver Waterproof 

LED Troffer Driver

Troffer Light, Fire Rated 60W Led Driver Junction Box LED Driver for Troffer 1.5A UL Led Driver 347V Dimmable Led Driver 45W Offices and Commercial Usage Lighting Drivers USA LED Troffer Light Application Driver 80W 2x2 Led Troffer Light Fixture Driver Residential Lighting LED Troffer Light Driver Troffers&LED Troffer|Troffer LED Driver UL Troffer Light Solution LED Driver 347V UL High Voltage LED Power Supply 

LED Flood Lights Driver

Led Flood Lights 50W IP65 36W Led Security Flood Light LED Driver 1.2A Led Outside Flood Lights UL Listed Driver Commercial Led Flood Lights LED Driver 1.8A UL Listed Outdoor Flood Lights Driver 45-76Vdc Led Outdoor Flood Lights High Efficiency Driver High Efficiency 36W Led Flood Light Led Driver Led Driver for Outdoor Led Flood Light Fixtures Outdoor Flood Light Aluminum Housing Led DrIver 36-54Vdc Led Flood light Driver for Sale Flood Lights Outdoor Security Lights LED Driver Shoebox Fixture Flood Light Driver 

Industrial Lighting Led Driver

High Bay Light Led Driver

Led High Bay Light Driver 108W 160W High Bay Lighting Led driver Round Driver Industrial High Bay Light Fixtures Led Driver 160W LED High Bay Lights For Outdoor 6500mA LED Driver 200W For High Bay Light 3A 100W UFO LED Driver 54V High bay High Bay 100W LED Power Supply|Driver IP67 277V High Bay Lights Dimmable Driver LED IP67 Waterproof Led Driver Switching Power Supply Led Driver 100W IP67 54V LED Power Supply 150W UFO High Bay Driver With UL Round Industrial Led High Bay Light Driver LED Street Light Round LED Driver 200W 160W Round Metal LED High Bay Light Driver Industrial LED Driver 160W Waterproof 180-528Vac input High Voltage Round High Bay Driver 90-305 LED High Bay Driver 200W 

LED Linear High Bay Lights Driver

Linear LED High Bay Light 80W Led driver LED Linear High Bay Lights Driver 30W UL Linear High Bay Light LED Driver LED Linear High Bay 100W UL Certificate LED Industrial-LED Linear High Bay Series LED Linear Low/High Bay Driver Linear High Bay 75W 120W 150W 200W Driver Ultra Bright 100W LED Linear High Bay Driver IP67 Tri Proof Linear Led Suspended Light Driver Driver|LED Linear High Bay for Warehouse Lighting 

Industrial Strip Lights Led Driver

Industrial Linear Stripe Lights Drivers Industrial Strip Light Led Driver 100W Constant Voltage LED Strip Light Outdoor Illumination 100W 24V 12V Linear LED Driver Strips DALI Dimmable LED Driver 100W Constant Voltage 24V Outdoor Waterproof Strips LED Power Supply 160W Constant Voltage 36V LED Strip Power Supply 

UL Metal Case AC100-347V Led Driver

Industrial 347V Led Driver CA Market Needs Constant Current Metal Case Panel Light Driver High Voltage Metal Case AC100-347V Led Driver 347V Compatible LED DRIVER 347V Led Panel Light Driver 100-347VDC Panel Led Driver 42W 347V Linear High Bay Fixtures Driver-Power Supply 347V Voltage LED Driver Panel Lights 347V UL Panel Light Driver 347V Industrial 347V LED Driver 

Indoor Luminaires Led Driver

Supermarket Lighting Led Driver

Supermarket Lighting Troffer&linear LED Driver UL Supermarket LED Lighting Power Supply-LED Driver Linear LED Supermarket Lighting Power Supply Supermarket Lighting Solutions | Panel Lights Driver Supermarket LED Lighting Power Source|Fahhold 0-10V Panel Lights Power Supply 60W 0-10V Dimming Led Driver 60W Supermarket Lighting Fixtures Aisle Lighting Lighting Supermarket Lighting by Simplex Marketing Power LED Driver Supermarket Lighting Design 

Office Lighting Led Driver

Office Lighting 60W Led Troffer UL driver Office Lighting Led Driver For Meeting Room Office Panel Troffer Lights Led Driver Hight Brightness Office Light Power Supply Office Panel Light 0-10V Dimmable Driver Office Instrument Panel Lights 1500mA Office Panel Lights Power Supply&LED Driver UL Office Panel Driver Power Supply Modern Office Lighting LED Driver Solution High Lumen Office Light Driver 

Household Lighting Led Driver

LED Household Lighting Solution Led Driver Home Lighting Led Progress Lighting Driver Dimming Light Home Led High Efficiency Driver Household Lighting LED Driver Power Hosehold Ceiling Lighting Power Supply Dimmable Hotel Household Lighting LED Lamp Driver Ceiling Lamp Triac Dimming Led Driver 60W House Lighting High Efficiency LED Driver LED Lighting for Home lighting design lighting Low Power Consumption 30W LED Downlight Driver 

Outdoor Liminaires Led Driver

Street Lighting Led Driver

100-277Vac Outdoor IP67 LED Power Supply NEW Arrival Outdoor IP67 Waterproof LED Driver 100-277Vac 100V-277V 36W waterproof led light driver Swimming Pool Lighting Led Driver Street Lighting Solution Outdoor Driver UL Street Lights LED Driver 24v Wall Lamp Street Light Driver Power Supply Outdoor Commercial Lighting LED Driver 80W LED Street Lamp Power Supply Street Flood Light High Efficiency LED Driver Power Supply 48v Waterproof Led Driver FD-36H-054B 

Swimming Pool Lighting Led Driver

Swimming Pool Lighting Solution Waterproof LED Driver Swimming Pool Application 

LED Canopy Light Driver

LED Canopy Light Driver Outdoor Canopy Driver Gas Station Lights LED Driver-Canopy Lights | 80W Driver Power Supply 0-10V Dimmable Canopy Lights Driver Low Power Consumption 55W LED Canopy Light Driver Energy Efficient LED Canopy Lighting Energy saving Square Led Canopy Light Fixtures Power LED Driver Illuminating Gas Stations Canopy Light Driver 80W LED Gas Station Canopy Light Driver Outdoor Canopy Lights Driver IP67 Gas Station Led Canopy Lights 100W Power Supply 2x2 Canopy light LED Power Supply | Driver LED Driver Canopy Interior light Application 

Constant Current Led Driver

UL Metal Case AC100-277V Led Driver

AC100-277V Metal Case Panel Light Driver UL Listed metal case LED driver 60W 1500mA 60W Constant Current Led Driver High Efficiency 90% 1500ma 60w led power driver for panel light 45w Iron Box Constant Current Led Driver UL Metal Case AC100-347V Led Driver 42W Compatible 277V Led Lights Dimmable Driver 52W Class P Panel Driver 100-277V Input 52W 0-10V Dimmable LED Driver 2x4 Troffer Fixtures Power Source LED Driver 

Single Voltage AC180-240V Led Driver

SELV Design Constant Current Ac-Dc LED Driver Single Voltage AC180-240V LED Driver 12W CE Approval Panel Light Driver CE LED Panel Light Driver 600mA No Flickering 40W Panel Light Track light Driver 40W Low Consumption LED Panel Driver Mexico Manufacturer 40W LED Panel Driver 1000mA Up 60W LED Lamps CE LED Driver The Benefits of Voltage Power Supplies LED Driver 230V Triac Dimming AC Light Replacement. 

IP67 Aluminium Case Led Driver

UL waterproof led driver 100W 4A Commercial Led Wall Lights Led Driver Aluminum LED Street Lights Power Supply DC Waterproof Aluminum Led Driver AC100-277V High Voltage Waterproof LED Street Driver 160W 100W 24V Waterproof IP67 LED Driver Aluminium Case Waterproof LED Driver Waterproof Street Lights Driver. 

TUV Plastic Case AC100-240V Led Driver

TUV Certified Full Range Voltage LED Driver TUV Plastic Case Led Driver 40W AC100-240V Led Light Driver 50W For Down Light 600mA LED Driver 18W 100-240V AC 50/60Hz LED Lights Lighting Electrical Lighting Accessories Panel Light Driver TUV Europe Standard Power Supply 

Constant Voltage Led Driver

Constant Voltage 12/24V Led Linear Driver

24V Led Constant Voltage Driver 100W Dimmable 24V constant voltage LED Driver 60W 24V Constant Voltage Dimming Led driver Constant Voltage LED Driver 12V 100W Constant Voltage LED Drivers Regulated 12vdc output 12V 24V 60W Constant Voltage LED Driver 100W 12V Constant Voltage LED Dimmable Driver 12V 50W Thin Profile LED Driver Single Output 50W 24V CV Led Driver Dimmable Power Supply 60W 24V CV Slim Profile LED Driver Wall Wash Linear Luminaire Driver 12V 24V Strip Light Driver Dimmable 0-10V LED Strip Driver 80W 12V Constant Voltage 100W 12V 24V LED Power Supply 

Constant Voltage 24V Aluminum Waterproof Led Driver

Constant Voltage 120W Outdoor Power Supply (CV) Constant Voltage 24V LED Drivers Power Supplies IP67 Constant Current LED Driver With Optiaonal Dimming 

Constant Voltage 36V Aluminum Waterproof Led Driver

36V IP67 Aluminium Led Lighting Driver Constant Voltage 36V Aluminum IP67 Led Driver 

Constant Voltage 48V Aluminum Waterproof Led Driver

80W Constant Voltage 48V Aluminium Waterproof Led Driver 48V 80W Waterproof Led Driver 100-277V Input FD-160H048 Constant Voltage Led Driver 

Dimmable Led Driver

0-10V/PWM/RX Dimming Driver

Flicker Free 1-10v dimming led driver 45w 1100ma 0-10V dimming 60w led power driver/led power supply TUV HW20W-02 led dimming driver 100-240V Input Three in One Dimming LED Driver 0-10V Dimmer Switch Power Supply LED 0-10V dimming PWM dimming led driver 25-42V 1500mA 

Traic Dimming Driver

Flcker free Triac-dimming led driver 45w 1150ma 42v Triac Dimming 12w Led Power Supply/Led Driver Plastic Triac Dimming Driver 30W TRIAC Dimmable-LED Power Supplies|LED Drivers Dimming Smoothly Triac Dimmable LED Driver 45W 

Dali Dimming Driver

55w led driver ppower/led power supply Dali Dimming Driver For LED Panel Light Linear LED Driver Constant Voltage With Dali Dimming Dali Dimming Linear LED Driver 60W 12V 

High Power Led Driver

160W Street Lights Led Driver

High Power Led Street Light Driver 160W 150W LED Linear High Bay Power Supply 160W Street Lights Led Driver LED Road Light Driver 150W Power Supply 

200W High Bay Light Fixture Driver

150W 200W LED High Bay Light Driver LED High Bay&Low Bay Fixtures Driver LED 200W High Bay Light-UL Led Driver 347V IP65 High Bay Driver-Driver Exporter 

UFO High Bay Lights Led Driver

Industrial Low High Bay Lighting Led Driver

Low Bay LED & High Bay Light Driver High Bay Industrial Lighting LED Driver Low Bay Lights Accessories Driver Round Bay Industtrial Low Bay Light Driver 100W LED Low Bay Lights|High Efficiency Driver 

Round High Power High Bay Fixtures Driver

Round High Bay Light Led Driver 200W Constant Current High Bay LED Driver 108W 3A Round LED High Bay Lights Driver 200W Led Driver 42V Commercial Lighting Accessories 

LED Emergency Driver

LED Emergency Light Driver 

Flicker Free Led Driver

UL Metal Case Wide Voltage Led Driver

100-347V Panel Light Driver LED Panel Light 40W Driver 277V Metal Case UL Panel Light Driver 60W UL LED 2FT LED Panel Light Driver 

Plastic Case 100-240VAC Led Driver

60W 0-10V Dimming Led Driver Plastic Case 0-10V Dimmable LED Driver 45W LED DRIVER 500MA 20W 100-240V Energy Saving Led Driver Replacement LED Lights 

Junction Box Led Driver

Iron Case Junction Box Led Driver

UL Standard LED Panel Light Driver Led Panel lighting Usage Led Driver 45W 1100mA LED Panel Light Driver Panel Light Driver 45W With Iron Housing LED Panel Driver With DALI Dimmable 0-10V 100-277VAC Input Iron Case LED Driver 

Aluminum Case Junction Box Led Driver

Street Lights 36W IP67 LED Driver Aluminum Casing LED Wall Pack Light Driver Canopy Light Driver Waterproof LED Commercial Industrial Lighting Driver 80W Linear Lights Dimmable Aluminium LED Driver IP67 No Flicker Waterproof Led Driver 36W Street Lampes Power Supply 100W High Efficiency 50W Street Lights Waterproof Driver 

Ultra Slim Led Driver

30/50/80W UL Certified Linear Driver

50W Constant Current LED Driver UL Constant Current Dimmable LED Linear Driver 0-10V Led Power Transformer 50W 1000MA Driver 80W UL Certified Linear Driver 1.8A Power Supply Slim Profiles Linear LED Driver CC Types 30W Ultra Slim LED Power Supply 

20/45/65W TUV Certified Linear Driver

45W LED Tri-proof Linear Light Driver 42V 45W Linear Driver TUV Certified Small Linear Thin Power Supply 20W High Efficiency Ultra Slim Linear LED Driver Profile Hanging Light Fixture LED Driver Slim Power supply Lightbox Lamps LED Driver Linear Linear Fixtures Strip lights shop lights Power Supply 

60/100W Constant Voltage UL Led Driver

100W Led Switching Power Supply Dimming LED Driver CV 100W Constant Voltage 12V Led Driver 100W 24V Constant Voltage Led Driver Waterproof LED Power Supply 24V 36V 48V 

200-480Vac High Voltage Input LED Driver

480V LED Industrial Light Power Supply 

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